Wealth Management

“Expect the best.  Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”

Zig Ziglar

Wealth Management

When an individual has attained a certain level of affluence, managing finances and resources is key to sustaining and growing wealth. It is important to have expert advice that ensures that one’s wealth continues to grow, is protected, and is utilized well.  Processes, services and products aimed at growth of long term wealth is what wealth management is all about.

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Essentially, wealth management is an investment advisory consultative service. Leeward Wealth Managers take a holistic approach to wealth management aimed to address all of the financial needs of high net worth individuals in a coordinated approach under a single specialized manager with the goal of sustaining and growing wealth.

As experienced wealth management professionals, we integrate the following list of services into one cohesive package, the aim of which is to grow, protect, utilize and disseminate a client’s wealth.  The list of services we provide or can refer to our trusted team of professionals include:

Utilizing applicable financial products and services, we at Leeward Wealth craft a customized strategy that addresses your unique needs and requirements.

Financial Planning vs Wealth Planning: What Is The Difference

What makes wealth planning different from financial planning? The two both essentially utilize processes, services and products that maximize a person’s wealth. However, the amount of wealth a person has determines the most appropriate approach.

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Financial planning strives to enable one’s financial goals or life goals to be achieved. Whether it is buying a car, upgrading to a bigger home, saving up for a child’s college fund, or retiring comfortably, financial planning provides a blueprint so these goals may be achieved.

Viewed in this context, financial planning applies to everyone whether funds and resources are limited, or when there are more assets to take into consideration.

Wealth management is a step over and above financial planning.  When a higher net worth involves complex investment portfolios, complicated taxes, stakes in various businesses or other similar scenarios, a wealth management analysis and plan coordinates all of the financial services needed to manage your money and plan for your and/or your family's current and future needs.

Importance of Wealth Management

Creating wealth and choosing the right investments to sustain and grow that wealth involves knowledge and expertise. A Leeward Wealth management expert will work to design a customized wealth management plan including market and investment strategies, tax strategies, diversification strategies, insurance options, estate planning, and more.

Moving forward, a wealth management expert helps put the strategy into action while periodically monitoring for progress and effectiveness. When necessary, we help fine tune your financial plan to keep you on track in terms of wealth growth and protection.

In summary, here is why wealth management is important and the Leeward Wealth approach difference:

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Holistic Approach
While many people think wealth management largely involves receiving investment advice, it goes way beyond this.  At Leeward Wealth, wealth management takes a holistic approach in terms of managing a client’s financial life, coordinating all financial needs. 

As your wealth manager, we start by developing a customized plan that will maintain and increase your wealth based on your individual financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk.

After the original plan is developed, we will meet with you regularly to update your goals, review and rebalance your financial portfolio, and analyze whether additional services are needed, with the ultimate goal of working with you throughout your lifetime..

Wealth Maintenance
Taking into account your situation, goals for the future, current wealth, and other pertinent information, wealth management can help maintain our wealth by tailoring management solutions that meet your specific financial objectives. 

Wealth Transfer
An integral part of wealth management is estate planning. This is especially crucial for high net worth clients. Wealth management ensures that a client’s wealth is protected while minimizing fees and taxes. Ultimately, wealth management assures that wealth is distributed as the client has stipulated.

Highly Personalized
While a financial plan serves as the anchor that directs all actions towards objectives, financial situations can change necessitating revisions. It is the role of a wealth manager to regularly revisit strategies in place with you to update goals or explore additional services necessary to ensure continued growth and protection of wealth. 

Financial Uncertainty Minimized
Because of our expertise in finances, we can make critical financial decisions for you should the need arise. Uncertain market conditions can be stressful but a Leeward Wealth management expert can help you navigate through any rough period. We will help you prioritize financial decisions and reallocate your funds periodically.

Qualities to Look for In A Wealth Manager

When it comes to your hard earned wealth, it is important to find a wealth manager that will maximize your investments without taking unnecessary risks with your money. Here are qualities to look for in a wealth manager:

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It is important to trust the person who will manage your money. Look for someone who asks detailed questions about you and your financial goals. This is a good indicator that the wealth manager has your best interests in mind. 

Look for a practitioner with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.  Bound to certain ethical standards, a CFP® ensures that your interests are made top priority.

Investing Experience
A seasoned wealth manager who knows when to invest and when to seek protection for those investments can spell the difference between successfully achieving your financial goals and financial failure. When things are going well, it is easy to make someone money. However, when the market turns rough, you need someone who has experience to decide on what works given a certain financial situation.

Hand in hand with experience comes knowledge, as well. There are varied avenues in which to invest your money.  Each has different rates of return and levels of financial commitment. Good wealth managers invest time studying, doing research and analysis to come up with investments that are appropriate for your specific needs. 

Situational Awareness
While choosing the right investments is an important component of increasing your wealth, there is more to wealth management than this.

It is important to look for a wealth manager who will carefully take stock of your financial history, evaluate your present situation and look to what you want your future to be.  They should be able to assess your financial goals and risk tolerance. From all this information, they should be able to design a plan to achieve your specific goals. 

In addition, it is important to look for a wealth manager who can evaluate your tax situation and retirement accounts to ensure that the strategy you have optimizes potential gains while ensuring that tax liability and expenses are minimized.

Benefits of Engaging a Leeward Wealth Financial Planning Professional

Reliable Team of Experts
Wealth management is a comprehensive service and a successful wealth manager coordinates the advice from a team of experts who are well versed in varied fields from financial planning and tax planning, to estate and retirement planning.

A good support team makes it possible for a wealth manager to craft a comprehensive financial blueprint that aligns all aspects of your financial life, ensuring long term financial success.

Call us today to see how we can help set you on the right path for success!

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