Financial Planner Fort Collins, CO

Financial Planner Fort Collins, CO

Financial Planning

Looking for a financial planner in Fort Collins, CO? Leeward Wealth is the best financial planner offering comprehensive financial services that help secure your future.

We bring 30 years of financial planning expertise to the table when working with you. Our main focus is ensuring that you achieve your goals so you are able to take care of yourself and your family. Whether it’s for informal or formal financial planning, let us be your partner so you achieve financial freedom!

Our Number One Priority Is Helping You Take Care Of You And Your Family

We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Then together, we can put a custom-tailored plan together.

Financial Planning Services In Fort Collins, CO

At Leeward Wealth, we got you covered. We offer the following financial services in Fort Collins, CO so you can plan and secure your future:

Retirement Planning

Financial Planning

Financial freedom and security after retirement is a goal that we all have in life. We want to be able to enjoy a financially comfortable and stress-free lifestyle after paid work ends.  Having a tangible plan to make this possible is important. And it is never too early (or too late) to start planning for your retirement in Fort Collins, CO.

We help you achieve your goals and ensure that you can live the life you want long after the last paycheck. Depending on your circumstances and stage in your life, we develop a carefully drawn out plan that addresses your own unique needs. 

Leeward Wealth is your trusted partner in achieving your goals for retirement.

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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

As your income and investments grow, so does the amount of taxes you have to pay. It is possible to just pay your taxes automatically. However, there’s also a way you can reduce your tax liabilities through various strategies. Such is the core of tax planning in Fort Collins, CO.

Leeward Wealth offers tax planning services in Fort Collins that allow you to pay lower taxes and use the extra money to invest in something for your future.

We offer valuable advice on tax lowering methods which can have a major impact on you and your family’s standard of living now and in the future.

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Financial Planning

Tax Planning

Everyone has financial goals - paying off college loans, buying a house or building a retirement fund. In order to achieve these goals, it is important to have a plan to direct all your actions. This is where financial planning comes into play. 

Formulate a solid financial plan in Fort Collins, CO with expert advice from Leeward Wealth. We help you clearly define your financial goals, organize and prioritize them and most importantly outline the steps needed to achieve them. 

Depending on your needs, Leeward Wealth can do informal or formal financial planning with the ultimate goal of managing your assets so you can achieve your goals and objectives.

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Estate Planning

Tax Planning

People often think that estate planning in Fort Collins, CO is just for those with extensive property holdings or large bank accounts or huge investment portfolios. However, everyone has an estate. Some just have more than others. 

However modest or extensive your estate is, it is important to have a plan in place that clearly states how you want it distributed to people or institutions/organizations you care about when you pass away or in the event of your incapacitation. 

Leeward Wealth offers estate planning services in Fort Collins and gives you incomparable advice on how you can protect your assets and ensure they go to your beneficiaries in the event that something happens to you. We work closely with your estate attorney who will ultimately draft the pertinent legal documents.

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Risk Management

Tax Planning

When you have built your wealth and investments to live the lifestyle and security you seek, it is but natural to seek ways to protect what you have worked hard for. There will always be certain risks involved as your income increases and your investments expand. However, a lot of these can be eliminated or at least kept to manageable levels. This is called risk management.

Crucial to any risk management plan in Fort Collins, CO is being able to review and understand the risks you have in your particular situation.

With expert advice from Leeward Wealth, we help you identify possible threats and guide you through financial decisions that mitigate uncertainty.

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Wealth Management

Tax Planning

Among the key services that Leeward Wealth specializes in is wealth management in Fort Collins, CO. While essentially having the same objective as financial planning, wealth management goes one step up. 

The ultimate goal of wealth management is to sustain or preserve, and grow long-term wealth. Leeward Wealth offers a holistic approach that include these:

  • Financial and investment advice
  • Personal retail banking services
  • Legal and estate planning
  • Accounting and tax services
  • Retirement planning

Our experienced wealth management advisors carefully craft a bespoke strategy that addresses your unique needs and requirements.

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Life Insurance and Annuities

Client Centered

Life insurance and annuities in Fort Collins, CO are financial products you can consider as options to ensure and protect your financial future, as well as your loved ones.

Life insurance safeguards the financial stability of your dependents in the event of your passing. On the other hand, annuities are sold by institutions who accept and invest funds from individuals. Upon maturity, it pays out a steady stream of payments to the investee.   

One offers protection in case of early death, while the other offers guaranteed income stream.

Which one works best for your particular situation? Leeward Wealth offers invaluable advice on how you can incorporate these strategies into your financial plans.

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College Planning

Tax Planning

With the cost of higher education continually rising, it is important to save up to realize the dream of sending your children to college. And it is never too early to start. 

However, resolving to save and actually doing it may not necessarily result in a college fund enough to sustain your child’s college education. You can certainly set aside a certain amount every pay period to put into a college fund. However, having a specific college plan that can help your money grow can ensure success.

The earlier you start planning, the less stress and more money you have for your child’s college fund. 

There are special savings accounts specifically for this:

  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA)

Both options are excellent choices. What option is best for you and your child?  Leeward Wealth offers advice on what works for your particular situation and on how you can maximize the benefits that you can get from these special education savings plans in Fort Collins, CO.

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